My work with the dogs in serious view started long time ago in 1997 year. That was a time when I for the first time in my life have seen the Caucasian Shepherd dog in live. It was one imported dog from Ukraine. From that moment I got a wish to have that kind of dog. After few years in 2006 year I got my first Caucasian shepherd named Agatha. She was mother of my very first 4 litters of Caucasian shepherd, and she gave me a beautiful, high quality, puppies. I decided to found a kennel, and I registered it at the FCI and Croatian national kennel club. FCI 22/08. My very first “A” litter was with male named Arbat who was the son of Samotsvety Urala Charoit, and littler “B”, were father was Erkan iz Ruskog Izvora, who was a son of very much famous Ruski Risk Boyavoy. After that I used male who was my import from Russia at 2009 – Medved Rossii Tssar.

After that I got a serious wish to go forward and I try to bring my breeding at the highest level, so I started to breed with together with, and under the name of “Balkan Master” kennel. So, that’s why, some of dogs I have breed have the name of Balkan Master kennel. Together, as a team, Balkan Master, had a lot of success, at the dog shows and in breeding, were was producing high quality puppies.

Last few years, Green Hill Dog is again in full capacity of work! Now, the base of our breeding is the pure blood of our very much famous dog Kron Gvr, mainly trough his daughters  Dey (E, H and H litter) and Olimpea. Also, we have imported new and fresh blood from Russia, male who have named Garant Bezopasnosti. He already is proved as a stud dog, giving to us very nice puppies, who are living all around the globe. He is the dog who have all what we ever expected from one pure Caucasian Shepherd. Also, few years ago, we imported female with a Ruskii Risk blood lines , pure blood female, named Vasilisa, mother of our F litter, and also imported from home land country female Eksel who is the mother of our “I” litter.

Our main goal in breeding is to produce top and pure blood dog, with famous bloodlines behind. All our dogs have been tested on genetically transmitted diseases, so have tested hips about dysplasia, and to have excellent grade from well known judges, who are breed specialists. We are using our knowledge and feeling to choose perfect parents couple who will produce perfect puppies who will have Green Hill Dog kennel name.

If you want to buy a dog from our kennel you can feel free to contact me. I am here anytime to answer on all of your questions.

Mario Medaric, breeder.